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The Ceramic Tiles are produced in the traditional Sicilian way, as for centuries.

The tiles are formed by hand, air dried for two years and hand painted by ceramic masters.

In fact, floor decoration requires skillful artistsí work and refined techniques that only long-trained

workers can have. The traditional knowledge, the material composition and the designs date back

to the time between the 13th and 15th centuries. The size, thickness and colours of the Ceramic Floor

tiles are absolutely identical to those of the time.



The tiles may be laid in every kind of floor or wall as well as swimming pools or tables, including

bathrooms, living rooms, entries, kitchen floors and kitchenettes. You can embed the

Ceramic Floors in other tiles, but also highlight the decorative motives as beautiful patterns in floors of

wood or other materials. These kind of combinations look amazingly modern, and remain in the

luxury Italian style of antique palaces.



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